Murua, Masaveu Family Wineries in the DOCa. Rioja, situated in Elciego, Álava, received the Award Best Of 2020 yesterday in Samaniego, one of the ten international cities and regions that form part of the global network Great Wine Capitals, Bilbao-Rioja.

This competition annually awards the wineries in each of the member cities that have stood out in terms of excellence in different categories. The aim of these awards is to recognize the efforts made by the wineries, to encourage and support initiatives, to raise quality standards, to share knowledge amongst the different regions and to guide wine tourists. Murua has been awarded in the Art and Culture category, not only for maintaining the tradition and culture of winegrowing in the area but also for their art collection, property of Corporación Masaveu, displayed in the manor house that maintains the structure of the grand country homes typical to this area of La Rioja Alavesa.

Chelo Miñana, oenotourism manager at Masaveu Family Wineries, who collected the prize with Patricia Pascual, who manages the visits to the winery, stated in her speech of gratitude that “it is an honour to receive this prize, which recognizes the family’s efforts and commitment to keep art and wine culture alive, as they consider this to be another art in itself”.

Murua Winery allows the visitor to discover the exclusive library and a private art collection with sculptures, paintings and prints from the 16th to the 21st century, offering them the possibility to enjoy great masters of art. The exhibitions include prestigious artist such as Miquel Barceló, Francisco de Goya, Álvaro Alcalá Galiano, Tomás Hiepes, Juan de Arellano, Fernando Sotomayor, Francisco Bores and Daniel Quintero, amongst others, whose art Works decorate the walls of all of the buildings that form part of the Rioja winery. Several works of art displayed at the winery are based on harvesting, vineyards and wine, set in taverns or depicting typical scenes from different periods, and complemented by several ethnographic objects and artistry related to winemaking.

The library is yet another treasure chest open to the tourist that visits Elciego. The only one of its kind in the Designation of Origin La Rioja, the premises hold over 2,455 books and magazines related to the world of wine from the 16th century up to the present day.

Murua Winery proposes different oenotouristic activities, which enable the tourist to venture into and discover wine culture, in which their elegant and expressive wines and their art collection are present. More information:

Murua Winery

The Murua winery, part of Masaveu Family Wineries, is situated in the beautiful village of ElCiego, right in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa. The noble main building maintains the structure of the manor houses typical to the Rioja Alavesa area and is surrounded by amazing landscapes.
The winery has belonged to the Masaveu family since 1974, when it was initially bought to make wine for private consumption, years later they decided to remodel the facilities and sell the wines maintaining a strong commitment to quality.
Murua currently produces 250,000 bottles, made with a focus on sustainability and respect for the land; inherent to the whole group of wineries present in different DO’s all over the country: Murua (DOCa. Rioja), Fillaboa (DO. Rias Baixas), Pagos de Araiz (DO. Navarra), Leda (Wine from the Land of Castilla y León) and Valverán ice cider (Asturias).

Masaveu Family Wineries

The Masaveu family first invested in the wine sector in 1974, when they purchased Murua Winery, however the family’s first vineyards date back to the middle of the 19th century, in Castellar del Vallés, where the family originates from and where Federico Masaveu Rivell began a journey to be continued one century later by his descendants.
Since then, Masaveu Family Wineries has grown to become a reference in the sector, due to the quality of their winemaking in several DO´s and their sustainable philosophy and utmost respect for the land in their estate owned vineyards, thanks to which they transmit the unique personality of each terroir in each and every bottle. This being the common denominator in each and every project initiated by Masaveu Family Wineries in different parts of the country: Murua (DOCa Rioja), Fillaboa (DO Rias Baixas), Pagos de Aráiz (DO Navarra), Leda (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León) and Valverán (Asturias).