Any time of the year is good to indulge in wine culture, however MASAVEU FAMILY WINERIES suggests harvest time, when the grapes are being collected, to enjoy wine tourism. The winery group offers an exciting tour around the ‘golden triangle’ of its three most emblematic wineries: Murua, in DOCa Rioja; Fillaboa, in DO Rias Baixas and Pagos de Araiz, in DO Navarra, which this year forecast harvesting 1,300,000 kg. of grapes.

 The three wineries open their doors to the visitor to show them the process of turning grapes into wine, offering several original ways of visiting the vineyards that surround the three wineries, situated in charming buildings, discovering the works of art that lie within their walls and tasting the wines that are made there.    

Bike rides around the vineyards in the Pagos de Araiz Winery

Pagos de Araiz is a château style winery situated on the outskirts of Olite, in Navarra, and surrounded by vast vineyards. As well as visiting their facilities and discovering the amazing work that they do, with a mixture of excitement and nerves during harvest time, the winery suggests doing  a tour on an electric bike (thinking of those who are keen on sport and those that are not) around the vineyards which surround the building, from where the views of the winery and its surroundings are simply spectacular.

The bike ride includes a guided tour explaining all of the ins and outs of the winery, some of the secrets that the oenologists use to give that unique personality to the wines from Pagos de Araiz and the background history of the vineyards.

The experience is complemented by a tasting of their wines right in the heart of the landscape.

RRP activity: 50€

Tasting wines at the Murua Winery’s winebar

Murua Winery is situated in the town of Elciego, in a stately manor, maintaining the same structure as the stately homes typical to this area of the Rioja Alavesa.

During the harvest period they suggest you take your time to enjoy the winebar, which has recently extended its opening times and its wine list to include all of the wines from Masaveu Family Wineries.

bodegas murua

The advantage at Murua is that you can find the winebar in different settings, to adapt to the weather conditions, enabling you to enjoy the charming and historic indoor patio, the rooms that delicately house the magnificent works of art or the vast vineyards at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountain Range. 

There are several paintings related to the harvest, the vineyards and wine on exhibit in the winery, set in taverns and traditional genre scenes from different eras, which include different ethnographic objects and craft objects linked to winemaking.

RRP Winebar: Tasting of 2 wines, 8 €. Tasting of 3 wines, 12 €. This experience is paired with a small sampling of traditional products from the area and the winery offers a selection of wines to choose from.

Fillaboa Winery and their ‘Premium Experience’

Fillaboa is a historical estate that has remained intact over centuries and is one of the biggest, most beautiful and oldest in Galicia and the only one that, due to its special features, belongs to the Grandes Pagos de España Association.

With the ‘Premium Experience’ the visitor can discover the land by taking a tour around the vineyards in a jeep taking them up to the Monte Alto Plot and taste the wine that is made with the grapes from this Plot and bears its name, in a magical setting.

The experience includes a visit to the winery to learn about the winemaking process in detail, a tasting of the wines and spirits paired with gourmet Galician products and a visit to the art collection of paintings and sculptures, belonging to Corporación MASAVEU.

PVP actividad:  80 €/pax. 

fillaboa viñedos

Masaveu Family Wineries

The Masaveu family began to invest in the wine sector in 1974, when they bought the Murua Winery, however their winegrowing roots date back to the middle of the 19th century, precisely in Castellar del Vallés, where the family originally comes from and where Federico Masaveu Rivell took the first steps to be followed by his descendants one century later.

Since then, Masaveu Family WIneries have grown to become leaders in the sector, due to the quality of their winemaking in different Designations of Origin and the environmentally friendly philosophy that they follow. They show maximum respect for the land where they own their own vineyards, thanks to which they achieve to transmit the unique personality of each terroir in every bottle. This being the common denominator shared by each and every project taken on by Masaveu Family Wineries in all of the different parts and regions of the country: Murua (DOCa Rioja), Fillaboa (DO Rías Baixas), Pagos de Araiz (DO Navarra), Leda (Wine from the Land  of Castilla and León) and Valverán (Asturias).