Murua has enhanced its oenotourism strategy with a wide offer of activities designed to introduce the visitor to the excellent wines made there and the fascinating surroundings. The visitor shall discover wine and its world in a fun and educational way in one of the most attractive and stimulating areas of our country: the Rioja Alavesa. Murua Winery is situated in the town of Elciego, surrounded by impressive landscapes where the vineyards create a beautiful symbiosis of nature and culture.

The noble manor house maintains the structure of the typical old buildings of the Rioja Alavesa area and is the centre of the wide and varied catalogue of experiences planned to enjoy the wine.
The oenological proposal is designed to surprise the visitors on the terrain where Murua wines are born, with a tour of the vineyards. The green and yellow landscape welcomes the visitor to the land where Murua wines come from and can later be tasted inside the winery.

The library and the private art collection

Once inside Murua Winery, the visitor can discover the exclusive library and the private art collection belonging to Corporation Masaveu, with sculptures, paintings and drawings from the 16th to the 21st century.

Murua offers the wine tourist the possibility to enjoy paintings, furniture and other ornaments by prestigious masters of art, such as Francisco de Goya, Tomás Hiepes, Juan de Arellano, Fernando Sotomayor, Valentín Zubiaurre, Francisco Bores, Daniel Quintero and Miquel Barceló, whose artworks adorn the wineries buildings. Several works of art displayed at the winery are based on harvesting, vineyards and wine, set in taverns or depicting typical scenes from different periods, and complemented by several ethnographic objects and artistry related to winemaking.

The library is yet another treasure chest open to the tourist that visits Elciego. The only one of its kind in the Designation of Origin La Rioja, the premises hold over 2,455 books and magazines related to the world of wine from the 16th century up to the present day.

Murua Winery also invites the visitor to dive deeper into the wine culture guided by an expert in vines – the oenologist. The visit includes a guided tour of the vineyards, followed by a technical tour of the facilities and a tasting of wines directly from the barrels, entry to the manor house and the private art collection belonging to Corporation Masaveu.

In addition to the visit to the vineyard, the winery, the library and the private art collection, the visits also include wine tasting:

  • ‘Discovering Murua’. Commented tasting of two Premium wines from the winery, VS Murua and Murua Reserva, and a third wine to choose from Veguín de Murua Gran Reserva, M de Murua or Murua Blanco Fermentado en Barrica. Price per person: 20 euros.
  • Collectors Tasting. Guided tasting of the five wines made by Murua Winery: VS Murua, Murua Reserva, Murua Blanco Fermentado en Barrica, Veguín de Murua Gran Reserva and M de Murua. Price per person: 50 euros.
  • ‘Masaveu Family Wineries’. Four wines from each of Masaveu’s Family wineries in Spain, accompanied by a light snack: Fillaboa, Pagos de Araiz Rosado, Más de Leda and Murua Reserva. Price per person: 30 euros.

The visitor shall also have the opportunity to discover Murua Winery at their leisure by enjoying the wines in the Wine Bar, outside on the patio or inside the building looking out onto the spectacular landscapes offering wonderful colours, which vary depending on the time of the year.

Murua Winery

The Murua winery, part of Masaveu Family Wineries, is situated in the beautiful village of ElCiego, right in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa. The noble main building maintains the structure of the manor houses typical to the Rioja Alavesa area and is surrounded by amazing landscapes.

The winery has belonged to the Masaveu family since 1974, when it was initially bought to make wine for private consumption until years later they decided to remodel the facilities and sell the wines maintaining a strong commitment to quality.

Murua currently produces 250,000 bottles, produced with a focus on sustainability and respect for the land; inherent to the whole group of wineries present in different DO’s all over the country: Murua (DOCa. Rioja), Fillaboa (DO. Rias Baixas), Pagos de Araiz (DO. Navarra), Leda (Wine from the Land of Castilla y León) and Valverán ice cider (Asturias).