The Pagos de Araiz winery in Navarra is launching a new vintage of its most Premium wine, Blaneo Syrah 2018, with a new, more modern and avant-garde image. The launching of this monovarietal wine coincides tomorrow, 16 February, with World Syrah Day.

The label is designed in different reds in honour of the syrah varietal, golds and earth tones represent the soil and whites and greys the climate, this label symbolises not only the dynamism of the winery but also its passion for the land, the world of wine, and excellence, in a bold and fun way. Furthermore, the varnish and printing award more emphasis to this sophisticated design that shall adorn the 5,500 bottles of this limited production.

The new proposal from Masaveu Family Wineries represents the adaptation of this grape varietal from the South-West of France to the conditions of the estate situated in Olite (Navarra), near the Pyrenees. The painstaking care taken of the estate vineyard, grown on two slopes using organic farming methods, enjoying a continental climate as well as a moderate influence of both Mediterranean  and Atlantic, all afford ideal conditions for the correct development of this syrah varietal.

Aroma of fresh red fruit

With the new Blaneo Syrah 2018 the consumer shall enjoy a wine with aromas of fresh red fruit, and balsamic and tobacco notes that are in perfect synchronisation with the varietal’s character. The sensation on the palate is ample, full and moreish with a silky, ripe fruit finish.

Matured for twelve months in fine-grain, French and American oak barrels, this wine pairs perfectly with red meats and rich stews and casseroles.

Recommended Retail Price: 14 euros

Blaneo, the Premium range from the Pagos de Araiz winery, also includes Blaneo Chardonnay 2019, another monovarietal 100% chardonnay matured for six months in new French oak barrels. The winery only made 1,200 bottles of Blaneo Chardonnay 2019.

The Blaneo brand, with its name and style, represents new  wines. The name derives from the words blanco meaning white, standing for the clarity of the monovarietal essence, and neo meaning black, standing for new and novelty. In short, Blaneo is a clear example of this wineries commitment to high quality fine wines from DO Navarra.

Syrah varietal

This wine is going on sale coinciding with the celebration of World Syrah Day, acknowledging the importance and singularity of this grape varietal which produces wines with good body replete with many different flavours.

Originally form Rhone, France, the Syrah grape has spread to several wine growing areas across the world, and can now be found in Europe, Australia, Chile, South Africa and California. It is the third most popular red varietal used for wine production behind cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. It is known for being a varietal that adapts well to different soils and climates, however the Middle Area of Navarra actually is quite similar to its land of origin. Syrah is also one of the most resistant varietals to the most common vine diseases.

Pagos de Araiz Winery

With the acquisition of the Pagos de Aráiz estate in Olite by the Masaveu Family in 2000, began a fresh and daring project in the traditional D.O. Navarra. This venture began with the construction of an ultra-modern 14,000-m2 château-style winery situated just outside the medieval town of Olite.

Over the following three years, on the 400 hectare estate, 240 hectares of family-owned vineyards were planted with several grape varietals (tempranillo, graciano, grenache, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah). The innovative management method and the wide variety of wine tourism activities on offer connect the historical, natural and winemaking importance of the area to art and gastronomy. The ideal scenario for a brilliant and promising future, linked to the values of Navarra, a classical yet emerging winemaking territory.