The Murua Winery, situated in Alava in DOCa. Rioja and belonging to Masaveu Family WIneries, has doubled its oenotouristic visits in comparison to the months of July and August last year, with an increase of 103%.

The percentage of people who have come to discover the oenotouristic experiences on offer at Murua is currently 49% higher than the first nine months of last year, as a consequence of the winery’s efforts since 2020 to boost oenotourism providing adequate safety conditions and offering a wide range of activities related to the world of wine.

The winery, situated in the town of Elciego in La Rioja, has also recovered International visitors after the pause last year caused by Covid-19. In fact, this summer, three out of ten visitors to Murua came from outside Spain. “During these months we have improved private visits as part of the safety protocol and we have also reactivated small events in the winery, which we had suspended last year due to the health crisis”, explained Chelo Miñana, Oenotourism manager at Masaveu Family Wineries.

The innate nature of oenotourism which takes place in the open air, in rural areas and is based on enjoying the culture of wine in its own surroundings, the landscape and nature, have been the inspiration this summer for the visitor, still very wary of the pandemic. ‘Oenotourism has been strongly activated and has gained a good position compared to other types of trips. We are working in the hope of oenotourism becoming a powerful motor in the economic, wine and social sectors in the Rioja Alavesa, given that it combines all of the conditions for awarding great growth prospects and becoming a future value”’, added Miñana.

Oenotouristic activities and experiences

As part of the oenotouristic offer, Murua winery has recently extended opening times and improved the wine list at the Wine Bar, which can now be found in several parts of the winery, to adapt to the weather conditions and enjoy its charming and historical interior patio, the rooms which carefully house the magnificent Works of art belonging to Corporación Masaveu, and the extense vineyards that lie at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountain Range. 

A well as the Wine Bar, other experiences on offer at Murua include the following:

  • Discovering Murua. Visit to the vineyard surrounding the building and the facilities in the winery. Tasting of three Murua wines. RRP per person: 25 euros.
  • Masaveu Wineries Tasting. Visit to the winery and the vineyards including a tasting of four wines from four different Masaveu Wineries around Spain, accompanied by a small aperitif: Fillaboa, Pagos de Araiz Rosado, Más de Leda and Murua Reserva. Price per person: 35 euros.

Collectionist Tasting. Guided tasting, with aperitif, of the five wines made at the Murua Winery: VS Murua, Murua Reserva, Murua Blanco Fermentado en Barrica, Veguín de Murua Gran Reserva and M de Murua. Price per person: 80 euros.

  • Flight Tastings. An option to tour the landscapes of the Rioja Alavesa through a guided tasting of Murua wines; Murua Premium: 15 euros and Murua super Premium: 25 euros.

Library and private art collection

As well as enjoying the wine made at the winery, the noble main building that maintains the structure of the manor houses typical to the area of the Rioja Alavesa, is another strong attraction for visitors.

Inside Murua allows the visitor to discover the exclusive library and its private art collection, belonging to Corporación Masaveu, with sculptures, paintings and prints from the 16th to the 21st Century.

These exhibitions include prestigious artists such as Miquel Barceló, Francisco de Goya, Álvaro Alcalá Galiano, Tomás Hiepes, Juan de Arellano, Fernando Álvarez de Sotomayor, Francisco Bores or Daniel Quintero, amongst others, whose works of art adorn all corners of the Riojan winery.

The library is another treasure chest open to the visitors that go to Elciego. One of its kind in the Designation of Origin Rioja, the premises holds over 2,455 books and magazines related to the world of wine from the 16th century up to the present day.

The main authors of all written on wine, both at technical and cultural levels, are respresented in this library. They include scientific, literary, juridical and educational texts and essays. In this large and unique collection you can find from classical works on oenology  to the most recent publications in Spain and other countries. Amongst the treasures coveted in the Murua winery there are very old manuscripts, evidencing the history of wine, such as the Book of Means of (1774-1796), sales deeds of vineyards dating back to the 17th century or facsimile editions of rare, sold-out and first editions.

About the Murua Winery

Murua, a winery belonging to the Masaveu Family WIneries group, is situated in the beautiful town of Elciego, in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa.

The Masaveu Family set up this winery in the 70s and Murua currently produces 250,000 bottles made with raw material that reflects the respect for the land that defines this winemaking group which has presence in several strategic areas of the country: Murua (D.O.Ca. Rioja), Fillaboa (D.O. Rías Baixas), Pagos de Araiz (D.O. Navarra), Leda (Wine from the Land of Castilla and León) and Valverán Ice-cider (Asturias). Since then, Masaveu Family Wineries has continued to grow and become a leader in wine making, due to its high quality in all the DOs and its sustainable philosophy reflecting maximum respect for the land where it owns vineyards, thanks to which they succeed in transmitting the unique personality of the terroir in each and every bottle.