Who we are

Exquisite, limited and sustainable production from our own vineyards since 1974

Masaveu Family Wineries, part of the Corporación Masaveu business group, was founded in 1974 when the family acquired the Murua Winery in the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin. In the beginning, this winery produced wine privately as a family passion thanks to their link with the world of wine. They later decided to employ marketing by remodelling and adapting the winery to boost it to the highest standards of quality within the production of exquisite wines. This is the origin story of a wine adventure that is still growing in different areas and regions of the country: Murua (QDO Rioja), Fillaboa (DO Rias Baixas), Pagos de Araiz (DO Navarre), Leda (Castile and Leon) and Valverán (Asturias). There Masaveu Family Wineries produces different varieties of white, rosé and red wine all with different characteristics. It also creates a drink that is daring, but has traditional roots, ice cider.

Despite starting out with wineries in the 1970s, the passion behind wine and vineyard saga can be dated back to much earlier. The family already owned vineyards by the mid-19th century in Castellar del Vallés, where Federico Masaveu Rivell was from. In this particular area of the province of Barcelona began the steps in which, a century later, his descendants from Asturias would follow. This is where the Masaveu family would then go on to settle and where they would found companies that spanned across different sectors and businesses: Corporación Masaveu.

Spreading our spirit with every bottle

It was in 1998 when control over the wineries was passed to José Masaveu Herrero, who organised, restructured and began to professionalise the group of wineries. Once again, the passion and value that wine represents is what drives the Masaveu family to have one of its members devote body and soul to their wineries to this day.
All the projects carried out by Masaveu Family Wineries have a common denominator: limited, sustainable and excellent quality production. This is all while demonstrating maximum respect for the land they own and cultivate every day, all 400 hectares across the different of cultivation in the different denominations of origin. Through their own cultivation, they manage to convey the unique personality of each terroir in every bottle.
Masaveu Family Wineries combines proven vitivinicultural knowledge and modern management in each of its projects. This has been the key to becoming a benchmark in the sector with these four wineries and a press house which produces a total of nearly one million bottles a year.

The art of wine

The company’s seal is based on the artistic concept of wine, understanding that creating an exceptional wine is like creating a masterpiece, something handmade with a good raw material and great enological effort. Masaveu Family Wineries seeks this original yet creative artisan expression in its winemaking. It also places value on innovation and technology, shown by responses to new consumer trends.

The wines produced by Masaveu Family Wineries are known to be a benchmark of quality and exemplary in their respect for the land. Although all the wines have their own style and marked personality, Masaveu Family Wineries seeks to ensure that they all have the same things in common: commitment to quality as a philosophy and a standard of conduct applied to all areas and processes of the production cycle.

The production of wine from our own vineyards and the effort to convey the personality of the terroir in every single bottle, connect each one of the projects that, spread right across Spain, conform a suggestive mosaic of varieties, colours, aromas and flavours.


Highlighting a great winemaking project of the calibre of Masaveu Family Wineries means mentioning each and every one of the people who work every day in pursuit of this beautiful dream. It means being part of a family with a passion that crosses borders through wine, filling the hearts and souls of those with whom they come into contact. At Masaveu Family Wineries, values such as companionship, solidarity, tolerance, listening, helping, understanding and honesty are championed by each and every one of the members of this great team.