The Pagos de Araiz winery has just launched its premium wine Blaneo Garnacha 2021, with a limited production of only 5,000 bottles. This red wine, belonging to the D.O. Navarra, is the third wine that the winery in Navarra has included in its premium Blaneo range, part of its clear endeavour to produce fine, high-quality, monovarietal wines from DO Navarra

The new Blaneo Garnacha 2021 is fruit of the winery’s exclusive dedication and experimentation, whose technicians have carried out a painstaking selection of grenache vineyards from several low mountain areas in Navarra which they have monitored throughout the whole process, from pruning up to harvest. These vineyards are over 80 years old and are situated on small plots in several towns in Navarra.“We have managed to produce an attractive wine with a great personality, very expressive due to the origins of the varietal and the area where it grows”, explains Juan Glaría, technical director and oenologist at Pagos de Araiz.

Blaneo Garnacha 2021 offers a cherry red colour and has spent eight months in French and American oak barrels. “Lively and moreish on the palate, this wine is balanced and long with clean fruit and a silky and persistent finish”, says Glaría.

The Blaneo range from Pagos de Araiz includes Blaneo Syrah, with a limited production of 5,500 bottles, and Blaneo Chardonnay, a monovarietal 100% chardonnay with six months aging in new French oak barrels, of which only 1,200 bottles are made.

Through its name and style, the Blaneo brand represents new wines, the name comes from the words blanco (White) to reflect the clarity of their monovarietal essence and neo which means new.

Pagos de Araiz Winery

With the acquisition of the Finca the Pagos de Araiz in Olite, by the Masaveu family in 2000, a fresh and daring project germinated in the traditional DO Navarra. This commitment began with the construction of an absolutely avant-garde 14,000 m 2 château-style winery located on the outskirts of the medieval town of Olite.

Over the following three years, on the 300-hectare estate, 240 hectares of family-owned vineyards were planted with several grape varietals (tempranillo, graciano, grenache, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and syrah). The innovative management method and the wide variety of wine tourism activities on offer connect the historical, natural and winemaking importance of the area to art and gastronomy.

The ideal scenario for a brilliant and promising future, linked to the values of Navarra, a classical yet emerging winemaking territory.

Pagos de Araiz offers two ranges: Blaneo and Pagos de Araiz The Pagos de Araiz range includes five wines, amongst which the rosé wine was selected the best rosé wine from DO Navarra Wines 2021, and the premium Blaneo line, includes three monovarietal and limited-edition high range wines.