Suprising a partner on Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift may seem complicated. However, you can never go wrong with a gift for sharing and celebrating life and good times, such as Pagos de Araiz Rosado 2021, a wine that has just left the winery and was chosen last year as the Best Rosé WIne 2021 from DO Navarra (2020 vintage).

For the most romantic day of the year, nothing better than to savour this rosé made with a lot of care, love, dedication and work. This wine from the winery in Navarra is made with 100% grenache grapes, grown in estate vineyards, belonging to the winery, of over 20 years of age. The result is a wine with an intense, bright and attractive pink colour. A fresh, lively, balanced and bold wine, with a free spirit and full of nuances.

During romantic dates on this day, we recommend uncorking a bottle and serving it at a temperature of between 8 and 10º C, enjoying its aroma and freshness, and toasting to all the good times enjoyed up till now and to the big future occasions that life has in hold for us.

About the Pagos de Araiz Winery

With the acquisition of thePagos de Araiz estate in Olite by the Masaveu Family in 2000, began a fresh and daring project in the traditional D.O. Navarra. This venture began with the construction of an ultra-modern 14,000-m2château-style winery situated just outside the medieval town of Olite. Over the following three years, 240 hectares of family-owned vineyards, with several grape varietals (Tempranillo, Graciano, Grenache, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah,) were planted on the 400-hectare estate.

The innovative management method and the wide variety of wine tourism activities on offer connect the historical, natural and winemaking importance of the area to art and gastronomy. The ideal scenario for a brilliant and promising future, linked to the values of Navarra, a classical yet emerging winemaking territory.

The painstaking care taken in the vineyard and the winery award winemaking success, combining our vineyards with the latest state-of-the-art technology which, together with pioneering monitoring procedures, award an average annual production of 500,000 bottles.