For this different Christmas, Masaveu Bodegas proposes to raise the glass and toast to a 2021 full of hope with the new Guarda de Leda Selección 2015 , the Super Premium wine from the Tudela de Duero winery in Valladolid.

Diners who choose one of the 4,222 bottles of this wine will enjoy its intense and complex aroma of ripe black fruit, such as blackcurrant, blackberry, blackberry, blueberry… Fine and elegant, the Premium wine from Bodegas Leda is a signature wine that is only produced in certain vintages classified as excellent. 2015 has been the first vintage to hit the market and will be followed by others yet to be discovered.

This 100% Tempranillo wine comes from plots of low yields, with an age close to 100 years from the Ribera del Duero , Toro and Cigales certified organic areas, and is aged for 30 months in French oak barrels (70% ) and American (30%). It has a great concentration, due to a careful and prolonged maceration in fermentation, and a great structure and perseverance. The warmth, an unusual elegance and its complexity stand out in this wine.

Because we should never give up toasting. For the family. For the friends. For the next year. The thing is not to stop raising your glass with a good wine, as is the case with the new premium wine Guarda de Leda Selección 2015.

Extraordinary multi-terroir wines

To speak of Leda , located in Tudela de Duero (Valladolid), is to speak of unusual and extraordinary wines that reflect sweetness and sensuality; of an attractive multi -terroir winery concept that connects the personality of the Tempranillo grape with the expression of selected vineyards from different areas of Castilla y León.
This winery was founded in 1998 by the prestigious oenologist Mariano García, linked to some of the most important wine projects in Spain, and the Masaveu family joined this project in 2009. Its philosophy of organic farming, wines from different areas of Castilla y León linked by the Duero River and maximum respect for the vineyard is what sets Leda apart.

Bodegas Masaveu

The Masaveu family began to invest in the wine sector in the 1970s, when it acquired Bodegas Murua, but the family’s vineyard plantations date back to the mid-19th century, specifically in Castellar del Vallés, where the family originated and where Federico Masaveu Rivell began the steps that a century later his descendants would continue.

Since then, Bodegas Masaveu has grown to become a benchmark, for the quality in the production of its wines in different DO’s and for the environmental philosophy that they demonstrate and the maximum respect for the land, in which it has its own vineyard plantations, thanks to which manage to transmit, in each bottle, the unique personality of each terroir. In this way, each and every one of the projects that Masaveu Bodegas embarks on in different regions are united in a common denominator: Fillaboa (DO Rias Baixas), Leda (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León), Murua (DOCa Rioja), Payments of Araiz (DO Navarra) and Valverán (Asturias).